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The advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom

The advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom

Oct 24,2022
The concrete placing boom machine is a concrete equipment for conveying and distributing, which is connected with the outlet of the concrete drag pump.
As an auxiliary equipment of the concrete pump, it is connected by a standard conveying pipe, just like a manipulator, which can quickly and accurately deliver the concrete to any pouring part of the working surface for continuous pouring, expand the concrete pumping range, and effectively It solves the problem of pouring concrete on the wall, and better solves the problem of concrete placing for concrete conveying.
Comparison of hydraulic concrete placing boom and traditional manual placing booms.
1. Fabric radius comparison:
Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine placomg radius: 13-51m
Manual concrete placing boom machine placing radius: 10-15m
2. Construction scope:
Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine: Folding type, no dead angle in construction, can be moved both horizontally and vertically
Manual placing booms: horizontal boom, fixed height, greatly affected by the steel bars on site; each pouring part needs to be dismantled and taken over
3. Manual configuration:
Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine: 2 normal operators
Manual concrete placer machine: 4 operators, 4 dismantling and takeover personnel
4. Construction safety
Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine: remote control operation, safe construction
Manual concrete distributor machine: simple structure, the rope is pulled, there is a hidden danger of swinging the arm, and it is easy to cause bumps and explosions
5. Service life
Hydraulic concrete placing boom: more than 10 years
Manual spreader: generally 1 construction site is scrapped
Three advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom machine

Safe and efficient, improve economic efficiency
Due to the large distribution range and flexible and convenient operation, there is no need for workers to continuously transport concrete back and forth or frequently dismantle and connect conveying pipes as in other pouring methods, which reduces labor intensity and safety risks. Pouring speed, shorten construction period and improve economic benefits.

Improve the quality of concrete construction
In the process of large-area concrete pouring, it often takes a certain amount of time to transport the concrete through the hopper, frequent dismantling and taking over, and the concrete is easy to lose water and affect the quality. However, the hydraulic placing machine can achieve continuous pouring, and can eliminate shrinkage cavities, cracks, segregation and other factors that affect the construction progress and construction quality.

 Avoid dark damage to the structure
In the past, when pouring concrete, due to the high pressure of the fixed delivery pump, the pump tube vibrated back and forth on the surface of the platform when the concrete was transported. After the initial setting of the concrete and before the final setting, this vibration could easily leave dark damage to the structure.
After using the hydraulic placing machine, the hydraulic placing machine does not contact the formwork and does not vibrate the formwork, which can avoid damage to the structure

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