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Application of wet concrete spraying shotcrete truck

Application of wet concrete spraying shotcrete truck

Oct 24,2022
Concrete wet concrete spraying shotcrete truck is a special shotcrete support equipment that sprays ready-mixed concrete to the sprayed surface at high speed, and forms a concrete support layer through rapid setting.
The basic principle is to send the mixed concrete into the wet concrete sprayer to form a material bundle and spray it to the sprayed surface; its characteristics are that the strength of the construction concrete is guaranteed, the spraying homogeneity is good, the productivity is high, and there is basically no dust and rebound during construction. It is easier to quickly solidify and harden, and is adhered to the tunnel base surface through the firm connection with the anchor rod hanging net, forming a primary lining support layer with a certain supporting capacity
2. Advantages
Quality advantage: The mix ratio of wet concrete shotcrete truck is easy to control, which improves the uniformity and compactness of concrete, and the early strength and strength increase rapidly, thus ensuring the quality of shotcrete.
 Cost advantage: The rebound rate of concrete wet spraying truck is low when spraying concrete, and the rebound rate is less than half of the rebound rate of dry (wet) spraying. It can effectively save raw materials during construction, the cost is controllable, and the construction efficiency is high.
 Technical advantages: high degree of intelligence, open cab with wide field of vision, reducing the work intensity of construction personnel; strong bearing capacity, stable movement, flexible operation, no construction blind spots, and can adapt to a variety of tunnel construction methods.
 Civilized construction: The previous construction technology of dry spraying and tide spraying has been changed. Shotcrete has better adhesion, higher density, less rebound, and effectively reduces dust pollution, greatly improving the tunnel operating environment and reducing occupational disease hazards.
 Progress advantage: Equipped with a large-capacity hopper, the feeding speed and feeding continuity are greatly improved compared with manual feeding, which effectively reduces the idling rate of the shotcrete and greatly shortens the construction time of shotcrete.
3. Scope of application
It is suitable for tunnels with larger cross-section and requiring larger injection volume (underground engineering)
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