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Wet concrete spray truck manipulator operation process sharing

Wet concrete spray truck manipulator operation process sharing

Dec 8,2022
For the safety of construction personnel, the safety operation process of wet concrete spraying manipulator is specially made:
1. It is strictly forbidden to use the manipulator as a crane or lifting platform.
2. Do not move the vehicle and operate the manipulator at the same time. After the vehicle reaches the working position, it must be fixed to prevent rolling: use the handbrake, turn off the engine, and put the driving direction joystick in neutral.
3. Make sure that no one is in the danger zone when extending the outriggers. The control device must be easy to operate to ensure safety.
4. Only those who have received professional technical training and passed the examination can operate, use and maintain this equipment.
5. Due to the heavy weight of the jetting machine, it is required to place it on a firm ground, so that the jetting machine can be positioned reliably and in a horizontal state, and ensure that the outriggers of the vehicle are fully equipped before starting the manipulator or concrete pump, or pouring the sprayed material into the hopper. Extends out to prevent tipping.
6. The concrete sprayer should have a power cord at least 50 meters long, the voltage and frequency used are in compliance with the regulations, and the phase sequence is determined.
7. When the running distance is long, the manipulator should be turned to the transport position, and the big arm should be supported by the support.
8. When using the remote control, the unintentional touch of the handle will cause the manipulator to move, so special attention should be paid.
9. When moving the vehicle, the boom and sliding arm should be fully retracted in the parking position.
10. Nine inspections before operation:
Check hoses and connections for damage and deterioration.
Every time it is started, the vacuum gauge of the oil suction filter element and the oil return filter gauge must be checked. If the gauge is in the red area, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced.
Put the pump volume control in the "0" position.
Check admixture hose connections.
Check that the pipe connections are well sealed and not loose. The electrical circuit and motor are well insulated, without damage or leakage, the electric box meets the requirements of the specification, and the grounding and zero connection are intact and not loose.
The batching system should be exhausted first to prevent damage to the admixture pump. Have plenty of admixtures ready.
Check that the delivery line (nozzle system) high pressure connector is in place and free of faults.
Check that the water tank is full of water.
Check hydraulic tank oil level.

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