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What specific steps should the pump truck carry out pouring according to the regulations?

What specific steps should the pump truck carry out pouring according to the regulations?

Feb 6,2023
During the construction process, the pump truck must be poured according to the regulations. Today, I will introduce to you the pouring sequence of the pump truck.
In the process of pouring, pouring should be carried out in the order from far to near, and the concrete in the same area should be poured in layers and successively in the order of vertical structure and then horizontal structure. During the pouring process, if construction joints are not allowed, the concrete pouring time between each area shall not exceed the initial setting time of the concrete.
In the construction industry, pump trucks can be seen everywhere. After the pump truck has been used for a long time, it is prone to some problems. Here I will introduce the hazards of heating of small pump trucks.
When the pump truck generates heat, the temperature will increase accordingly, and the sealing performance of the components of the hydraulic system will deteriorate. In severe cases, the sealing function will fail, and there will be a risk of leakage. When the hydraulic system heats up, the viscosity and lubricating function of the working fluid will also be reduced, and the wear of the hydraulic components will increase, resulting in a reduction in the life of the hydraulic components. Due to the different materials of hydraulic valve parts, the coefficient of thermal expansion is different. The valve core will be stuck between the valve core and the valve body due to thermal expansion, which will cause the small concrete pump truck to fail to work normally. In order for the small pump truck to bring better economic benefits to customers, it is necessary to do not work for a long time in normal use, to cool down the equipment frequently, and to adopt different methods to deal with different heating phenomena. It can prolong the service life of the pump truck.

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