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How to maintain the pump truck to prolong its service life

How to maintain the pump truck to prolong its service life

Feb 6,2023
As a popular pumping equipment at present, concrete pump truck can greatly improve construction efficiency and is very popular with construction parties. However, in order to prolong the service life of the concrete pump truck, it is necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance, which can be carried out from the following aspects.

Hydraulic oil is a working medium with high requirements for cleanliness. The upper cover of the hydraulic oil tank cannot be opened casually, so as to prevent impurities from mixing into the hydraulic oil. What needs to be reminded is that the hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 300 hours of operation, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced every 600 hours of operation thereafter. If the hydraulic oil is found to be emulsified or deteriorated during the work, the hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately. Under normal circumstances, the thermometer usually shows the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil, and the normal working temperature of the hydraulic oil is generally 30-60 degrees, and the highest oil temperature generally does not exceed 70 degrees. The oil level gauge can generally be used to observe the amount of oil in the fuel tank. Usually, the oil level of the oil level gauge must be above the specified scale during work. If it is missing, add hydraulic oil immediately. The use of the blowdown valve can generally be opened for tank cleaning, and usually the blowdown valve is closed.

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