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Pump truck be careful when extending the boom

Pump truck be careful when extending the boom

Mar 1,2023
12. Before moving the boom and extending the outriggers, check whether there are obstacles around. Prevent the jib or outriggers from touching buildings or other obstacles. When the operator cannot observe the entire work area or cannot accurately determine the distance between the outstretched part of the pump truck and adjacent objects, a guide should be assigned to command.

13. After pressing the "emergency stop button" on the remote control and before resetting, all operating levers and switches of the boom, outrigger and concrete pumping device should be placed in the neutral position.

14. Operate carefully where there are wires, and keep a proper distance from the wires, otherwise all personnel working on and near the pump truck or on its connection (remote control device, end hose, etc.) will be in fatal danger. When high-voltage sparks appear, a "high-voltage funnel area" is formed under and around the equipment. This voltage diminishes as you move away from the center. Every step into the funnel is dangerous! If you step across a different voltage zone (step voltage), the potential difference will flow through the human body and cause personal injury.

15. Crossing a high voltage line, even just approaching it, will cause sparks to jump and shock the pump truck and surrounding area. If there is a spark discharge phenomenon, don't panic, keep calm, don't move (step voltage), don't touch other things, let people outside the area not approach you, there will be step voltage. And figure out a way to get away from the cable.

16. If you are working in the area around the aerial cables where the minimum safety distance cannot be guaranteed, you should ask the power supply personnel to terminate the power supply to the aerial cables to ensure safety.

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