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What are the common pump truck piston problems

What are the common pump truck piston problems

Mar 1,2023
Since the piston of the concrete pump truck is a very important part, it needs to be in direct contact with the concrete, so the requirements for it are also very high, and there are very strict requirements for sealing and wear resistance, so sometimes if Something happened, and we should also think about whether it is a problem with the piston.
The common piston problem is wear and tear, which requires us to check the piston regularly. If the piston is worn, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid straining the concrete cylinder. Specific steps are as follows:

1. Preparation
        Drain the water in the water tank and clean up the sundries in the water tank.

        2. Disassembly steps
        1. Remove the limit sleeve and pressure plate, close the U-shaped valve at the end of the oil cylinder, and rotate it to be perpendicular to the oil cylinder.
        2. Select surface control on the panel, and manually move the piston back into the water tank.
        3. Next, disassemble the piston with an inner hexagon and a crescent wrench.
        4. After the disassembly is completed, take out the piston body with a rope or other tools, and the disassembly is complete.

3. Installation steps
        1. For the convenience of installation, apply grease to the piston before installation, or put the piston into the water tank with the help of a rope. Align the cylinder connecting flange with the piston flange.
        2. Move the oil cylinder a little bit, push the piston you want to replace into a small part into the concrete cylinder, and use the crescent wrench to align the screw holes of the flange connection.
        3. Screw on the bolts and screw them on in sequence. After the first tightening, the second tightening must be done.
        4. After tightening, jog repeatedly to make the piston and the concrete cylinder fit better.
        5. Open the U-valve that was closed during disassembly.
   4. Matters needing attention
        1. Be sure to confirm that the machine has been shut down.
        2. Do not put your hands into the concrete tank during the operation to avoid danger.
        3. To extract the piston, you must use a rope or other tools, and avoid taking it directly by hand
        We have explained in detail the steps of replacing the piston of a concrete pump truck in three points: preparation work, disassembly steps, and installation steps. If you need to replace, you can follow the above points, but when replacing, pay attention to whether If other situations occur, once something happens, consult with relevant personnel in time to avoid greater losses.

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