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How to pump when the head of the pump truck is not high?

How to pump when the head of the pump truck is not high?

Mar 27,2023
When the concrete pump is carrying out short-distance pumping construction with low head and short distance, it only needs to erect the first boom hinged with the boom turret, and then unfold the fourth and fifth booms at the end. The jib combination for short-distance pumping is composed of the first, fourth, and fifth-section booms to meet the needs of short-distance pumping construction. At this time, the second and third section booms lean against the head boom. The pipe switching mechanism disconnects the pipes of the boom pipes of the first and second sections of the boom, connects the elbow of the boom turret with the boom pipe of the third section of the boom, and the concrete passes through the third, fourth and fifth sections The arm tube of the jib escapes from the end hose.

The characteristics of the concrete pump short-distance pumping technology scheme are: discovering the problems existing in short-distance pumping, and exploring ways to solve these problems. Although the proposed solution does not apply high-tech (in fact, high-tech does not mean innovation), the application characteristics of practical technology have been fully reflected: simple structure, reliable work, and strong practicability.

The short-distance pumping technology scheme of concrete pump is to solve practical problems by means of structural improvement, and the effect of this feature will be more fully reflected in future applications. Another feature of the short-distance pumping technology solution is that the mechanical movement process of the boom unfolding and retracting is relatively coordinated with the working process of the pipeline switching mechanism. For long-distance pumping, pipe switching is performed before the boom is deployed, and then all the booms are deployed. After the construction is completed, the boom is retracted, the end gear 16 of the pipeline switching mechanism and the end sprocket 15 are only engaged or separated, and the transmission relationship remains unchanged. For short-distance pumping, the pipeline is switched before the boom is deployed, and then only part of the end boom can be deployed to carry out pumping construction.

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