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How to solve the pumping distance of the pump truck

How to solve the pumping distance of the pump truck

Mar 27,2023
The section end boom is crimped and at the end of the extended section boom the concrete is pumped out of the attached discharge hose using the pipe switch. This solution can effectively reduce the height and length of the boom during pumping, so as to achieve the purpose of saving. However, the pipe switching device and unloading hose added to the curled part of the end boom have a great influence on the force of the boom. And the operation is difficult, the structure is complicated, and the practicability is poor.

Compared with other crane booms, due to the special folding structure of the boom of the pump truck, the boom can only be fully unfolded during the pumping construction, and the pumping can be realized by adjusting the arch of the boom. In order to make the deployed boom reasonably adapt to the needs of short-distance pumping construction, it is necessary to try to shorten the length of the boom. For long-distance pumping, choose to use all the booms, and for short-distance pumping, choose to use part of the booms. This method of selecting the boom according to the pumping distance can not only give full play to the existing pumping capacity of the pump truck, but also can select part of the boom according to local conditions according to the characteristics of short and short-distance pumping construction, effectively reducing the height of the boom. Reduce pipe length.

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