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Pay attention to the pressure when the pump truck is in use

Pay attention to the pressure when the pump truck is in use

Mar 27,2023
Purpose: To guide the pressure adjustment of the pumping, reversing, stirring, and washing hydraulic systems of the sky pump. Adjustment steps: Loosen all the adjustment screws of the main relief valve on the main valve block and all the relief valves on the auxiliary valve block. All pressure adjustments are performed under close control. Reduce the engine speed to idle speed, observe the reversing pressure gauge, the maximum requirement is 13Mpa, and the minimum is not allowed to drop to zero (that is, the air pressure of the accumulator falls below the accumulator); if it does not meet the requirements, it must be shut down to find out the reason.

Stirring pressure adjustment: adjust the engine speed to 1750±100rpmrpm, and close the inlet ball valve of the stirring motor. At this time, the stirring pressure gauge shows the pressure of the stirring system. If required, adjust the pressure of the agitating reverse pressure relay to meet the requirements. Unplug the plug of the stirring reverse solenoid valve, and set the stirring pressure at 12Mpa.

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