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What should the pump truck pay attention to before construction

What should the pump truck pay attention to before construction

Apr 7,2023
Things to pay attention to when choosing a concrete pump truck construction:

         1. Building type and structure. When choosing the performance of a concrete pump truck, in addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered. It is worth noting that the main performance parameters of the commonly used concrete pump truck should be in line with the construction needs or slightly larger, otherwise it will cause low utilization rate or fail to meet the construction requirements to accelerate the occurrence of the loss of the concrete pump truck.

        2. Construction adaptability. Concrete pump trucks have strong flexibility. It is not only easy to move but also very convenient to use. At present, most of the products with a large quantity and wide range on the market are concrete pump trucks with a boom length of 28 to 36 meters. They are the largest in the market. Products with a wide range of products account for about 75%. In addition, because the boom height of the concrete pump truck exceeds 42 meters, the cost will often increase greatly, and at the same time, it will be limited by the space on the construction site, so it is generally rarely used.

  3. Construction business volume. When purchasing a concrete pump truck, it is usually calculated based on the amount of concrete poured, the actual delivery volume of a single machine and the construction time. Usually, for some concrete pumping construction projects with a large amount of one-time concrete pouring, it is advisable to have a certain amount of reserve. It is recommended to equip 2~3 concrete pump trucks, so that it can be targeted.

        4. Product configuration. When selecting the performance of concrete pump trucks, it is recommended to adopt a high starting point purchase mode. If you decide to choose a high-value concrete pump truck, you should improve the standard requirements of the product. At the same time, the quality of the main components of the product, from internal quality to The appearance quality must be compatible with the high value of the vehicle.

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