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How to adjust the displacement of the concrete pump truck

How to adjust the displacement of the concrete pump truck

Apr 7,2023
During operation, the pumping displacement of the concrete pump truck depends on constantly adjusting the pumping speed to change the size. The adjustment of the pumping displacement is also very important. Do you know if it changes? Today I will teach you how to change the pumping displacement. Common ways to measure:

1. Mechanical adjustment

By manually adjusting the opening size of the throttle valve, the pumping displacement can be changed. The advantage is that the cost is low, and the disadvantage is that it must be adjusted manually on the vehicle. It is very inconvenient to use the remote control to operate far away from the pump truck, and the adjustment accuracy is low.

2. Engine speed adjustment

Adjust the speed of the engine to change the displacement of the main pump, resulting in a change in the pumping speed to achieve pumping displacement control. The change of engine speed also changes the movement speed of the boom, which may become an irreconcilable contradiction during construction.

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