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Do you know the difference between the mixing pump and the conveying delivery pump?

Do you know the difference between the mixing pump and the conveying delivery pump?

May 5,2023
The mixer pump is a small concrete delivery pump that adopts a fully automated construction operating system and integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. The pump is easy to operate, stable in performance and easy to move.
The concrete mixing pump was invented and produced in China. It mixes large aggregates and pumps concrete. It is suitable for concrete mixing and drag pumps for building houses in rural areas. It is researched and developed, and the S valve is reversing. High, high pumping height. The large-diameter concrete cylinder has a long effective stroke, which solves the problem that the mixing and dragging pump cannot absorb large aggregates. Aggregate size: pebbles 50mm, crushed stones 40mm, can be pumped up without any additives.

Mixing drag pumps are mainly used for concrete transportation in large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, high-speed highways, and overpasses. Concrete machinery is a "conventional weapon" for basic construction, with a large demand, and is widely used in industrial, civil construction, and national defense construction. In industrially developed countries, the advanced level of concrete producers marks the level of a country's manufacturing industry. After decades of development, my country's concrete machinery has become an important part of construction machinery, accounting for a considerable proportion in the entire construction machinery industry, has formed a large-scale production capacity, product performance has been greatly improved, and market competition has also become more and more intense.

Concrete delivery pump is a kind of concrete delivery equipment that can continuously deliver concrete that meets the pumping conditions to the pouring construction site through horizontal or vertical pipelines. High-rise buildings with strict requirements and long transmission distances, municipal construction, electric power, energy, transportation and other civil and industrial buildings, especially the construction of narrow sites.

The above is the difference between the mixing pump and the transfer pump, as well as some similarities.

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