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Concrete pump power understanding

Concrete pump power understanding

May 10,2023
Concrete pumps are relatively commonly used mechanical equipment nowadays. When purchasing concrete pumps, not only the scale of the manufacturer and product quality must be considered, but also some professional knowledge of the products must be considered. The existence of concrete is a common product material in many engineering constructions, and the concrete pumps provided by the company provide support for many concrete constructions. Regarding the specific power selection of concrete pumps, the editor made a brief summary for you.
The motor power of the concrete pump is the prerequisite for the outlet pressure and the delivery volume. When the motor power is constant, the increase in pressure will definitely reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, the decrease in the outlet pressure will increase the delivery volume.

In order to make the concrete delivery pump not only have a large delivery capacity, but also have a corresponding outlet pressure and a matching economic power, in the planning of the concrete delivery pump, most of the constant power plunger pumps are used; that is, the constant power value is selected Finally, when the outlet pressure increases, the output displacement of the concrete pump oil pump will automatically decrease to reach the value corresponding to the power planning; if the outlet pressure is high and the delivery volume is large, the only advisable way is to increase the motor power.

Concrete delivery pump is a typical mechanical existence of many of our concrete construction. The company will continue to enrich its own production technology, improve the performance of concrete delivery pump technically, and provide perfect equipment for more customers who need it.

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