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What harm will the oil pollution of the pump truck cause if it is not cleaned up in time

What harm will the oil pollution of the pump truck cause if it is not cleaned up in time

May 15,2023
Many people don't understand the importance of the cleanliness of pump trucks. Many people mistakenly think that as long as the equipment is checked regularly and there is nothing wrong with it, it is not the case. Its cleanliness also has a crucial impact on pumping. Let me analyze for you today, how big the impact is.

How much harm will our pump truck bring if we don't clean up these oil stains and concrete agglomerates in time? First of all, from the perspective of the structure of the pump truck, the power parts of the pump truck will generate high temperature and high pressure during operation, which requires the thermal conductivity of the equipment itself to dissipate heat, or assist the radiator to dissipate heat. If these concrete agglomerates are not cleaned up, it is bound to affect the thermal conductivity of these components.
Secondly, from the perspective of design structure, the gearbox can rely on its own design to dissipate heat reasonably. The gearbox will generate a certain amount of water vapor during the working process. After a large amount of gas accumulates, the internal pressure will rise. A vent hole is designed on the top of the gearbox. Fundamentally speaking, this vent hole is actually a one-way valve. Just like the pressure relief valve on a pressure cooker, under normal circumstances, the valve is closed, and when the internal pressure rises, the one-way valve will be pushed open to discharge water vapor.

However, if the valve is stuck by foreign matter and cannot return to the original state, the mixed gas inside the gearbox will not be able to release the pressure normally, and the performance of the transmission oil will be seriously affected, not only the lubrication performance will be damaged, but the transmission oil transmission will also be affected. The performance of the power will also decrease, which will cause the clutch plate to slip, and then the oil temperature will rise, which will also lead to the generation of water vapor and even the boiling of the oil-water mixture. The failure of water vapor to be discharged normally leads to accelerated dilution of transmission oil, and these diluted substances will also accumulate in the valve body, causing a series of vicious causes and effects such as blockage of the valve body, which will affect the control system of the entire transmission.

The above are the problems that may be faced if we cannot clean well, and how much benefit we will bring if we do a good job of tidying up. I hope that through this article, you can take good care of the pump truck, not only paying attention to the accessories, but also paying more attention to the cleanliness of the vehicle.

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