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The pump truck should meet the following requirements at the job site

The pump truck should meet the following requirements at the job site

Jul 6,2023
1. The location of the pump truck should be flat and firm, with no obstacles around it and no high-voltage power lines in the sky. Pump trucks must not be parked on slopes.

2. After the pump truck is in place, the outriggers should be set up and the fuselage should be kept level and stable. When feeding with a boom, the inclination of the fuselage shall not exceed 3°.

3. When in place, the pump truck should display stop lights to avoid collisions.

4. The pre-operation inspection items shall meet the following requirements:

) The fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and water tank are filled sufficiently, the tire pressure meets the regulations, and the lighting and signal indicators are complete and good;

2) The hydraulic system works normally and there is no leakage in the pipeline; the cleaning water pump and equipment are in good condition;

3) There is no debris in the mixing hopper, and the protective grid on the hopper is intact and tightly covered;

4) The delivery pipeline is firmly connected and sealed well.

5. The pipes and hoses used for the boom should be selected according to the factory instructions. The pipes with a diameter exceeding the specified diameter should not be used for lighting, and the hoses connected should be tied with safety belts.

6. Stretching the boom should be carried out in the order of the factory instructions. The boom can be turned after lifting off the bracket. It is strictly forbidden to lift or drag objects with booms.

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