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Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom Arms operation precautions

Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom Arms operation precautions

Mar 5,2024
1. When extending and folding the hydraulic concrete placing boom, each action should be performed independently, and actions cannot be combined to avoid accidents.

2. When the pump station stops working, press the red button on the panel.

3. When extending or folding the third section of the fabricator arm, the cylinder 3 should be operated at a low speed to avoid damage or accidents caused by too fast movements.
4. When stopping the machine to retract the concrete placing boom arm, make sure that the safety hook hooks the hook base. Prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil in the oil cylinder from causing the cloth machine arm to fall on its own.

5. If any abnormality occurs during operation, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection.

6. It is strictly prohibited to raise the spreader arm 1 when the three-section arm is in a straight line and perpendicular to the tower body, and it is strictly prohibited to perform reverse pumping operation with the boom in the vertical state to avoid accidents.

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