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Precautions when using hydraulic concrete placing boom

Precautions when using hydraulic concrete placing boom

Apr 9,2024
(1) The performance parameters of the hydraulic concrete placing boom should be reasonably matched with the performance parameters of the concrete pump.

(2) The safety devices, alarm devices and various protective devices (covers, protective covers, etc.) of the cloth machine should be in good and correct working condition. It cannot be changed or removed at will.

(3) When the hydraulic concrete placing boom is working, important welding parts, bolts, and pin-pull connection parts must be inspected once a day (de-soldering of welds, cracks, base metal cracks, loose and damaged threaded connections, etc.). At least once a year, have an experienced professional conduct a comprehensive inspection of the spreading machine (including welding and bolting). The inspection results should be recorded, and the spreading machine should not be used until the problems found are dealt with.
(4) The wear of the concrete output pipe should be checked regularly (usually once a day) according to the busyness of the work. Experienced professionals can tap the wall of the concrete pipe with a hammer to estimate the wear of the wall thickness, but the best It is best to use a pipe wall thickness gauge to check. Any parts that do not meet the requirements or are damaged must be replaced in time.

(5) During the process of pouring concrete, the hose at the arm end of the concrete distributor is not allowed to bend. It is not allowed to knock the concrete delivery pipe, and it is not allowed to loosen any pipe joint clamps.

(6) Workers should use escalators, platforms and attached pedals to get on and off the distribution machine. Escalators, platforms, and treads must be kept clean and smooth, and free of oil, ice, snow, water, and obstacles.

(7) Any abnormality discovered by the operator when using the concrete placing boom should be reported to the management staff in a timely manner and recorded.

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