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Why Choose Hydraulic Concrete Placing Booms?

Why Choose Hydraulic Concrete Placing Booms?

May 17,2024
The hydraulic concrete placing boom machine is an auxiliary equipment for the concrete delivery pump. It is connected through standard delivery piping. Like a manipulator, it can quickly and accurately deliver concrete to any pouring part of the working surface and perform continuous pouring, which is very good.It solves the problem of concrete delivery and distribution, and controls the boom through the hydraulic system and remote control function, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves the quality and speed of construction. It is widely used in the modern construction industry.
1. The boom of the hydraulic concrete distributor is welded with high-strength steel plates. The whole machine is light in weight and the boom has high stiffness.

2. Using imported electric proportional multi-way valve, the arm movement is soft and precise.

3. Flexible and convenient operation, high construction efficiency, good concrete pouring quality, and low environmental pollution;

4. Safe, reliable, cost-effective, lightweight in structure and cheap in price;

5. Use wireless remote control to save time and effort;

6. Hydraulic concrete placing booms are available in different types and models, they can meet most pouring requirements.

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