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30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck

30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck

30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck
30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck30m3/hr Truck Mounted Wet Concrete Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump Truck
CategoriesConcrete Spraying Machines
BrandSaintyol DAWIN Construction Machinery Manufacturer
Max. theoretic concrete spray volume30 m³/h
Max. theoretic delivery pressure10 Mpa
Spraying Height16m
Engine136 KW
Spraying Width26.8m
Max. stone diameter≤20 When spray
Delivery Cylinder DiameterΦ160mm*1000
FOB portQingdao
Update TimeJul 21,2024
Detail Information
shotcrete pump truck

A. Front and rear leg the span is large, work stability.
1.The wet concrete shotcrete pump truck front leg adopts horizontal telescopic cylinder + H-type legs, legs span is large, The rear leg adopts eight characters closed type leg, forcing ability is good, more stability, can effectively support the rear hopper pumping concrete cylinder loading impact.

B. wet concrete spraying pump Pumping system 
1) Pumping hydraulic system adopts 55KW four-pole motor 130ml/r adjustable displacement main pump+ 45ml/r variable pump (Rexroth series)
2) The main valve adopts imported eight proportional valve (BARMAG ) from German,
The electric proportional valve has the fixed-variable switching function.

C.The shotcrete machine truck boom adopts symmetrically arranged structure
The boom is symmetrically arranged with a symmetrical structure. The telescopic arm is connected to the base arm on the same axis. The telescopic arm is directly connected to the base arm through the pin. No connecting arm, no lateral force, no stress concentration, no happen Fatigue cracking, so the boom system is more stable and reliable.

Telescopic arm with four BS700 high-strength steel plate welded after welding, 
weld joints have a lap bar, The rigidity of the boom increases so that the telescopic arm has a small vibration amplitude under the wet spraying operation, good stability, can improve the quality of sprayed surface

E.Robot shotcrete pump truck Reinforced rotary drive mechanism
1.rotary reducer adopts turbo-type gear reduction mechanism, big reduction ratio,  
strong self-locking ability, the big output torque, stable smooth operation, high reliability.
2.Adopts well-known brand rotary motor, large displacement, torque, good stability, in the precise control of the proportional valve, the rotation without jitter phenomenon.

F.Quick - setting agent filling system
1. Accelerator pump driven by variable frequency motor, the use of Schneider inverter precision control quick-setting agent pump output flow, according to the current pumping of the amount of concrete automatically adjust the amount of added.
2.Accelerator pump with 2600L / h large displacement diaphragm pump, you can add 1000 l of the box in 20 minutes, greatly saving the preparation time.
3.Accelerator pipeline adopts a closed large diameter pipe, even in the winter can also smooth delivery accelerator.
Areas of application:
The SAINTYOL DAWIN Machinery wet concrete shotcrete pump are based on technical pioneer achievements. They keep researching and developing new technology - and have been doing so for many years!They are the national initiative equipment for fine stone concrete conveying and won two national patents.
·Fine stone concrete conveying 
·Floor heating construction
·Tunnel and underground construction
·Mortar conveying
·Used as spray pump when Installed with incidental spraying equipment, for concrete, mortar, refractory material and green soil spraying
KNL5160TPJ-30A wet concrete shotcrete pump are applied for high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge construction and special applications, hydraulic power, mining and national defense.
KNL5160TPJ-30A Specifications:






General Data

Boom structure



Big and small arm Pitching and small arm stretching, Fly arm horizontal swing

Spraying height



Spraying width



Big arm pitching angle



Small arm pitching angle



Boom rotation angle






Flying arm horizontal swing angle



Spindle axial rotation angle



Spindle vertical axial swing angle



Nozzle swing angle



Pumping system

Main drive mode



Auxiliary drive mode


Diesel engine

Motor rated power






Concrete spraying capacity   



Pumping pressure



Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke


Φ160 X1000

 cylinder dia.*stick dia.*stroke




Chassis model



 wheel base



engine model



 engine max power



Gearbox file



Exhaust emission standards


 Nation V

The whole dimension  Overall dimensions



Main Parts:
Swing Arm

the boom can swing ± 45 °. can increase the flexibility of the jet mechanism to improve the single sprayable area, not only the spray surface is more smooth, beautiful, but also reduce the turntable rotation times, increase the stability of the boom
Diesel engine

Brand: Tianjin LOVOL/ Yuchai /Weichai/Cummins
Diesel engine adopts Tianjin LOVOL or Yuchai  or Weichai or Cummins as custom request, which has low energy consumption and high efficiency
Pumping System

Concrete pump pumping system is the core technologies of Saintyol DAWIN Machinery, 

DN140mm, 180mm, 200mm and 230mm large diameter cylinder, absorb good, pumping large displacement.
Main Oil Pump
Main oil pump adopts joint venture brand constant power variable plunger pump. Constant power control is effective to prevent the electromotor or diesel engine form overloading. It can withstand higher pressure and load than ordinary gear pump.
Cordless Remote Control

Remote control adopts domestic well-known brands, remote control distance, strong signal, no dropped calls, serial number phenomenon.The electrical components are all made by international famous brands such as Schneider, Siemens.
Cooling System

It adopts dual-cooling system, with cooling and water cooling, not only for hot climate but also for cold climate; it can effectively control the oil temperature of hydraulic system and ensure the safety and reliability
Hydraulic pipe joints

Hose joints:  American Eaton; Pipeline: Original from Italy.
A set of these supported by Eaton.
S Valve

Brand: joint venture brand
Original: Germany 
S tube valves are cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel, the quick wearing surface is welded with wear-resistant material, has dual advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing.
Job Site Performance:
shotcrete pump truck concrete spraying machine
Working Video:
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