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The role of underground scraper underground wheel loader in modern construction

The role of underground scraper underground wheel loader in modern construction

Apr 10,2020
In the current process of dike construction, the workload of long-distance earth adjustment operations is increasing. Therefore, many people think that the efficiency of the underground wheel loader scraper is low, and the scraper is useless. What role does the wheel loader scraper have in the actual project?
wheel loader for underground works
At present, the most commonly used in our construction is the underground wheel loader scraper. This kind of scraper is more flexible and convenient in construction, and has strong adaptability. The soil transport distance of the wheel loader scraper is suitable for less than 600 meters. The soil quality except for the sludge and rocks can be used for construction operations. During the reciprocating cycle, the natural compaction can reach the compaction coefficient required by the general engineering, which is other construction machinery Impossible.
Although various types of excavators and dump trucks are widely used in the construction field at present, they are used in some large, medium and small hydraulic projects, such as the excavation of river channels and the reinforcement of embankments, especially in the soil quality. Under softer operating conditions, the dump truck can not complete the transport operation, so the shovel will become an irreplaceable construction equipment.
low profile wheel loader underground works
Now in the construction machinery market, many people scrap wheel loader scrapers, which is itself the result of market economy adjustment, not to say that scrapers are useless, but only suitable for construction projects where scraper construction takes advantage For the time being less. In the Shaying River treatment project of the tributary of the Huaihe River, after the South-to-North Water Diversion Project starts, the scraper will change from cold to hot. Therefore, we say that the construction operation of the scraper will continue to have advantages over a long period in the future Indispensable and alternative.
The construction form of the underground scraper wheel loader will be indispensable for a long time, and the construction of the wheel loader scraper has a broad prospect and space. As long as we pay attention to and strengthen the scientific management of the construction of the scraper and the correct use of the wheel loader scraper machinery, even under the current circumstances, the construction efficiency of the wheel loader scraper is still considerable. Therefore, the construction of scraper still has a bright future.
side dumping underground wheel loader

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