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Wheel Loader loading and unloading operation instructions

Wheel Loader loading and unloading operation instructions

Apr 10,2020
Skilled operation of the wheel loader for loading and unloading activities can not only clarify the various mechanical functions, but more importantly, it is necessary to skillfully operate the machinery and rely on experience or use specifications to reduce the loss of equipment during the loading and unloading process. The relevant operation instructions are as follows:
1. Only when the engine water temperature and lubricating oil temperature of the wheel loader reach the specified value, the full load operation can be carried out. When the water temperature or oil temperature exceeds 363K (90 degrees), stop the vehicle and find the reason. Only work, otherwise it will damage the engine.
2. During the safe operation of the loader, it is forbidden to shovel the goods when the front and rear bodies form an angle. Before picking up the goods, the front and rear car bodies should be formed in a straight line, aligned and close to the stack, while the bucket is in parallel contact with the ground, and then the goods are picked up.
3. During the loading and unloading operation of the loader, except for bulk grain, it is not allowed to pick up the goods at high speed.
4. Do not lift the bucket while driving.
5. Bucket shovel load should be balanced, the bucket is not allowed to load the load.
6. The loading truck is a vehicle used for loading and short-distance transportation of bulk materials. It is forbidden to excavate with a bucket.
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7. Before the driver leaves the vehicle, the bucket should be placed on the ground. It is prohibited to leave the vehicle when the bucket is suspended.
8. It is strictly forbidden to stand or perform maintenance work under the raised bucket. If the vehicle is repaired when the bucket is lifted, support measures should be taken for the bucket to ensure its firmness and reliability.
9. It is forbidden to use a bucket lifter to work in high places.
10. It is forbidden to shovel the materials on the ship directly on the shore of the dock.
11. When working under overhead pipelines, be careful not to touch the obstacles above when the bucket is lifted. When working under the high-voltage transmission line, the bucket should also maintain a sufficient safety distance from the transmission line.
12. When dumping materials for the truck, the bucket must not be scratched when the bucket is turned forward, and the unloading action should be relaxed. When unloading the truck, be careful not to scratch the bucket with the bucket. During pushing or scraping operations, you should observe the operation at any time and find that the vehicle is blocked from moving forward.

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