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What are the bad status quo of the use of mining underground wheel loaders

What are the bad status quo of the use of mining underground wheel loaders

Apr 10,2020
The use efficiency and service life of the mining underground wheel loader are closely related to the management method of the using enterprise. Once neglected management will lead to an increase in the abnormal loss of equipment, resulting in an increase in the incidence of failure and even burying hidden safety hazards. So, what are the undesirable status quo in the use of current mining loaders?
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Mineral wheel loader equipment management personnel lack professional knowledge of mechanical equipment management and lack of understanding of equipment maintenance and maintenance. Some of the more advanced equipments have higher requirements for the quality of the accessories and the quality of fuels, lubricating oils, and hydraulic oils. Some procurement personnel lack business knowledge and lack of sense of responsibility. Mechanical equipment, due to the use of inferior parts and inferior oil, caused early damage to mechanical equipment and reduced the efficiency of the use of mechanical equipment.
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Due to the complicated construction site conditions of various construction projects, the environment is relatively harsh, and the various pipeline trenches are chaotic, plus many vehicles and many people, the traffic is not smooth, and the construction site is generally remote. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to maintain timely scientific systems.
Due to the lack of attention, some very expensive structural components of mining underground wheel loaders are not equipped with full-time maintenance personnel in time. They are those who have not been specially trained and who know a little bit about the working principle of the machinery. The procedures and main points are not well maintained.
In addition, a more important point stems from the fact that the management system of the enterprise is not complete enough, and it has not been clearly implemented to people, which has caused confusion in the management of machinery and equipment. There may be systems that cannot be implemented according to the system, resulting in a low level of maintenance and management.
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