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Saintyol DAWIN Machinery tells you what homework to do before buying a concrete delivery pump

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery tells you what homework to do before buying a concrete delivery pump

Apr 13,2020
The use of concrete delivery pumps has been used in more and more constructions, especially in the construction of new countryside. It is popular because of its small footprint, flexibility and efficiency. So how to buy cost-effective concrete pump?
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1. Focus on product quality

With the increase in the number of civil buildings, the equipment gap can be saved in a relatively short time. If you use the ordinary concrete pumps of small manufacturers, you can save a lot of money on the price, but in future use, there may be frequent failures, and maybe the cost of repairing and replacing parts is more expensive in the future. Therefore, the purchase of concrete pumps can not only depend on the price, but also on the quality of the product.

2. Make clear your needs

Before purchasing a concrete delivery pump, it is recommended that the user must first clarify their own needs, and determine the type of concrete delivery pump to be purchased according to the needs of their own construction site. 1. The construction environment where exhaust gas cannot be discharged can be consulted for tunnel pumps, etc. Usually different tow pumps have different construction environments, so knowing your own needs is the key to buying a cost-effective concrete pump.
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3. Consider economic efficiency

Often, when buying concrete delivery pump equipment, the products of different merchants are considered, and the prices of concrete pumps of various manufacturers are different. Before making a choice, not only the purchase price of the concrete delivery pump must be considered, but also it may be considered in the future. Economic income. Some manufacturers may have a higher price for concrete pumps, but the construction efficiency is high and the failure rate is low. In other words, the profits will be high in the next few years.
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