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These parts of the concrete pump truck are easily damaged (1)

These parts of the concrete pump truck are easily damaged (1)

Apr 13,2020
In addition to completing daily tasks, concrete pump trucks should also have the habit of maintaining on time. When the pump truck is performing concrete pouring operations, if the repair and maintenance are not in place, it will cause hidden safety hazards.

Once a problem occurs, the impact will not only affect the construction progress, but also affect the safety of life. If the concrete that enters the conveying cylinder, conveying pipeline and pump truck hopper is not processed in a timely manner, it will inevitably have unimaginable serious consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important to strengthen the maintenance of important construction machinery and equipment such as concrete pump trucks.
concrete placing boom pump truck from Saintyol dawin machinery
If the piston of the concrete pump truck wears out, the sealing of the inner wall of the concrete cylinder and the piston will be greatly reduced, and in serious cases, the problem of slurry leakage may occur. In addition, the damage of the piston will affect the pumping capacity of the pump truck, because the suction force of the concrete entering the concrete cylinder will decrease as the piston wears. The piston is generally made of several materials such as wear-resistant rubber, polyurethane, rubber plus cloth, and its diameter is generally 3-4MM larger than the cylinder diameter. If you find that there is too much concrete slurry in the water tank, you should check whether the concrete piston needs to be replaced, and replace it if necessary. When replacing, first press down the lip of the piston and slide it into the cylinder obliquely through one end of the conveying cylinder.
china high quality concrete placing boom pump truck with spider concrete placing boom

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