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Concrete Placing Boom Matters Need Attention in Application

Concrete Placing Boom Matters Need Attention in Application

May 6,2020
The safe operation of the trailer mobile spider hydraulic concrete placing boom machine mainly includes the following points:

1. The end pouring hose must be fastened with a safety rope. It is forbidden to use the end hose with a length of more than 3 meters to cast. The hose must not be inserted into the poured concrete and work strictly in accordance with the scope of the concrete distributor.

2. Distributor mobile spider concrete placing boom should keep a certain distance from high-voltage line and electrical appliances. When the wind speed exceeds 13.8m / s (level 6 wind), the concrete distributing machine is strictly forbidden to work. When the wind speed exceeds 7.78m / s (four-level wind), it is strictly forbidden to assemble and disassemble the hydraulic concrete placing boom machine.

3. During the process of internal climbing, it is strictly prohibited to brake or reverse the operation when the whole machine is not stable. Swivel joint pipe hoops must not be fixed too tightly to ensure flexible rotation. Each shift must be cleaned and lubricated and sealed once.

4. The hydraulic system pressure should not exceed 25Mpa.

5. It is strictly forbidden to open the pipe joint when there is pressure in the delivery pipe and the oil pipe.

6. At the end of the work, the boom must be closed, the safety hook should be hung, the boom should be placed horizontally, and the ground power supply should be cut off.
spider hydraulic mobile concrete placing boom

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