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Beware of high temperature when using automatic self loading concrete mixer truck in summer

Beware of high temperature when using automatic self loading concrete mixer truck in summer

Jun 22,2021
The high temperature problem of the automatic self loading concrete mixer is very harmful. It needs to be noted, especially in summer, many machines are prone to high temperature problems. How to avoid the high temperature hazard of the automatic feeding mixer? The editor summarizes the following points:

1. Prevent the engine body from overheating: Because the ambient temperature is relatively high, the engine is easy to overheat. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system, including the inspection of water tanks, thermostats, water pumps, fans and other components, and pay attention to adding them in time. Inject cooling water. When the water temperature exceeds 100°C, stop in a cool place to cool down, let the engine run at idle speed, and open the hood to help dissipate heat.

2. Prevent car paint from being damaged: Car paint will become old and wrinkled after strong sunlight exposure. Although ordinary beauty waxing can have a certain sun protection effect, any car wax contains silicon, which will last for a long time. Ultraviolet rays will corrode the paint, leaving black spots. Car wax itself does not have the effect of enhancing hardness and anti-ultraviolet rays. On the contrary, it will quickly lose due to the high temperature. When parking, pay attention to park the car in a cool place as much as possible.

3. Prevent tire burst: the temperature is high, so it is easier to burst. When the temperature is too high, it is easy to deform the tire and reduce the tensile strength. As for the tire itself, non-standard air pressure, aging of the tire, weakened performance, or the tire rolling onto a hard metal or other hard objects during the driving process, etc., will cause the car to suddenly burst.

4. Prevent brake failure: Brake fluid is more likely to evaporate and vaporize in a high temperature environment, forming air resistance in the brake pipeline, and the brake shoe is also easy to ablate, causing brake failure. Therefore, check and adjust the braking system frequently, and pay attention to parking and drying the brakes on the way down long slopes to ensure good braking performance. If you find that the brake hub is hot, you should stop to cool down, but do not pour cold water to prevent the brake hub from cracking.

The high temperature hazard cannot be ignored. You must pay attention to the above points when using the automatic self loading concrete mixer truck.

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