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Is your Concrete placing boom working safely?

Is your Concrete placing boom working safely?

Oct 27,2021
Concrete placing machine

Daily inspection
Check whether the concrete placing booms electrical system is working properly before operation.
Check whether the oil level of the oil tank is lower than half of the oil tank and whether the hydraulic oil is emulsified. Check whether there is leakage of hydraulic components.
Check whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct.
Check whether the metal structural parts are cracked, welded, twisted or deformed. Check whether the hydraulic valves are working normally and reliably.

Weekly inspection
Check whether the concrete placing booms connecting bolt, shaft end card plate, pin shaft, and lock nut are loose. Check whether the railing split pin is off.
Check the wear of the conveying pipe. If the wall thickness is less than 2 mm, it should be replaced in time.
Check whether the lubrication parts are well lubricated, and add lubricating oil in time.
Monthly inspection
Check whether the concrete placer rotary stopper is working properly.
Check the rotary reducer for abnormal heat and sound. Fasten the connecting bolts of the tower body, the middle section and the turntable.
Check the coupling of the motor.
Check the insulation resistance of the motor and circuit, the metal shell of electrical equipment, and the grounding resistance of the metal structure.
Check the cable, if it is damaged or aging, repair and replace it immediately.

Annual inspection
Comprehensively check the concrete distributor parts, hydraulic and electrical components of the cloth machine, and carry out maintenance and replacement.

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