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Concrete wet shotcrete truck is a large wet shotcrete machine

Concrete wet shotcrete truck is a large wet shotcrete machine

Nov 1,2021
With the development of science and technology, the continuous expansion of the construction field, the continuous improvement of engineering construction quality requirements and the need for environmentally friendly construction, various types of wet spraying machines have emerged, including small concrete wet spraying machines, vehicle-mounted concrete wet spraying machines, and It is suitable for wet spraying concrete equipment such as concrete wet spraying trolley for large-scale projects.

The concrete wet-spraying trolley is also called the concrete wet-spraying manipulator. The sprayed concrete manipulator uses hydraulic pressure or compressed air to transport the pre-mixed mixture through the pipeline and spray it at high speed to the sprayed surface to set and harden, thereby forming a concrete support. Floor.

The concrete wet-spraying trolley is a large-scale wet-spraying concrete machine that integrates the three functions of walking, pumping and spraying. It has stable performance, simple operation, safety and reliability, high productivity, low resilience, wide spray range, and high construction quality. It is suitable for pumping and spraying of ready-mixed concrete and steel-fiber-containing ready-mixed concrete in the construction of tunnels and culverts.

The concrete wet spraying trolley adopts the engineering vehicle chassis, the manipulator is flexible, the construction range is large, the amount of accelerator is automatically matched with the amount of concrete, which reduces the consumption of accelerator, and the spray speed is fast. It can spray 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The high density and strength of the shotcrete greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, save construction costs, reduce the dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle, and eliminate the health hazards to the construction workers.

Concrete wet spraying jumbo is widely used in the construction of tunnels, mines, culverts, building foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects. It has high construction mechanization, high work efficiency, low rebound, strong construction safety, and good working environment. Features of high degree of automation. With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of China's construction engineering, the continuous improvement of the labor intensity of the workers, and the continuous improvement of the construction environment specifications, the application of the concrete wet spraying trolley will become more and more extensive.

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