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Reasons for pipe blockage of wet spraying truck and emergency measures

Reasons for pipe blockage of wet spraying truck and emergency measures

Nov 1,2021
In recent years, the emergence of wet spraying truck has solved many inconveniences in the construction process of today's projects, and has improved the efficiency of tunnel construction, coal mine construction, and slope sprayed concrete construction. The progress of China's construction machinery and equipment is largely attributed to the reform and opening up. During this period, front-end technology and foreign-funded enterprises were successively introduced. But in countries where the technology of machinery and equipment is not very advanced, what should I do if I encounter a problem? What should I do if the wet spray truck is blocked during the construction process? What are the methods to eliminate pipe blockage?
  Concrete wet-spraying trucks will inevitably not encounter problems during the construction process. The cause of pipe blockage of concrete wet-spraying trucks may be caused by these two situations:
   Situation 1: The s-pipe valve is blocked. Once this kind of problem appears, it is relatively simple to solve, just after pumping the concrete, be sure to flush the pump body and S pipe with high pressure water. When the high-pressure water gun flushing is invalid, you can choose to use brazing to remove the residue until it is completely eliminated.
   Situation 2: The concrete pipeline is blocked. The solution is more complicated than the blockage of the s tube. When the tube is blocked, the method of repeating the forward and reverse pump should be used immediately, and the concrete at the pump outlet is gradually sucked back into the hopper and remixed before being transported. You can also use the method of hammering with a wooden hammer, combined with forward and reverse pumps, to dredge and clean it.

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