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Saintyol DAWIN tells you the precautions for the use of concrete mxing pumps when the temperature is too high in summer

Saintyol DAWIN tells you the precautions for the use of concrete mxing pumps when the temperature is too high in summer

Aug 5,2022
Two things are more difficult on the construction site in summer: the workers who have just taken up the job are dizzy when they say they are dizzy, and the pump truck that has just been maintained is ignited. Refuse to be embarrassed, do these things seriously and be satisfied! Let's watch together.
Heatstroke prevention and cooling
It is very hot in summer, and the workers working in such a harsh environment are very hard. In addition to strictly implementing the heatstroke prevention and cooling measures for summer construction, special attention should be paid to the drill of emergency plans.

In a high temperature environment, workers sometimes cannot guarantee good working conditions, and there is a danger of safety incidents. The emergency plan is particularly important when an accident occurs, so it is necessary to ensure the reliability of the emergency plan and ensure that it plays a role at a critical moment.
Mechanical maintenance
The "concern" of the high temperature and summer has put many vehicles in danger of spontaneous combustion, especially the mixing and dragging pumps at the construction site. Once spontaneous combustion, it is very difficult to rescue, and can only say goodbye to millions of pump trucks.
For example, recently, during the driving of a mixing trailer pump, the bottom of the pump suddenly caught fire and smoked, and then it extended to the tires and then to the whole body. The fire spread rapidly. The loss was very heavy, and fortunately there were no casualties.
In order to minimize the possibility of spontaneous combustion of the stirring pump, what preparations should we make? Let’s first look at the reasons for spontaneous combustion: (1) aging of the circuit; (2) tire fire caused by brake drum heating; (3) hub bearing damage caused hub lubricating grease fire; (4) oil leakage.
In order to prevent spontaneous combustion of the concrete mixing pump, it should be checked and maintained regularly. From the perspective of spontaneous combustion accidents of construction machinery, the ignition point is mostly in the fuel tank or engine, and the spontaneous combustion accidents caused by oil leakage in the oil pipe, high temperature of the engine, and short circuit of the electrical circuit account for a large proportion. Long and other human factors can also lead to spontaneous combustion of the body.
The operator of the stirring pump should check whether the thickness of the brake pads of the braking system is too thin. If they are worn to a certain extent, they must be replaced. It should be noted that if the brake drum wears too much, even if the thickness of the brake pads is full, it may cause The brake camshaft travel is too long, causing the brake shoes to die. Also check to see if the brake camshaft grease passages are not blocked. When maintaining the hub, pay attention to the old grease must be cleaned and then wiped with new grease.
"Three liquids and one fat"
In addition, pay special attention to three kinds of liquids and one kind of grease, referred to as "three liquids and one grease", "three liquids" include engine coolant, hydraulic oil and piston coolant; "one grease" refers to lubricating grease. In addition to the usual summer maintenance work, strengthening the maintenance management of "three liquids and one grease" will improve the integrity rate and utilization rate of the pump truck and reduce the operating cost.
Summer construction is an aspect of testing the ability of on-site management of enterprises. Different enterprises will have different performances, but they must all be dedicated to the safety of on-site construction, and all focus on life and industrial safety. The weather is scorching hot, the pump workers must pay attention to safety and pay attention to their health.

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