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Why did the construction site choose to use a mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom?

Why did the construction site choose to use a mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom?

Dec 26,2022
As the terminal equipment for pumping concrete, the mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom is used to send the pumped concrete through the pipeline to the formwork of the component to be poured. The hydraulic concrete placing boom does not need to be fixed when used, and the position and conveying direction can be flexibly changed according to the needs of the construction site.
The mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom has reasonable design, stable and reliable structure, light weight and can be hoisted and transported as a whole. Adopting 360° full-rotation boom-type fabric structure, the whole machine is easy to operate and flexible to rotate, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy and practicality. It has played an important role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
Working principle of mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom

Feeding system

The concrete is transported by the mixer truck to the unloading platform outside the opening line of the excavated side slope at the upper part of the pipe body, and then unloaded into the hopper at the end of the concrete placing boom distributor, and then the concrete is transported to the upper part of the pouring warehouse through the belt conveyor system, which is controlled manually The distributor uses the control baffle on the belt conveyor to transport the concrete to the required parts through the troughs and chute.

Other uses

In addition to conveying concrete into the warehouse, the placing boom can also use the electric system installed on the placing boom frame to install and dismantle large formwork, hoist and transfer materials such as steel bars and steel pipes, etc.
Main features of mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom

flexible use
It does not need to be fixed when in use, and it can be placed flexibly. It can be placed on the floor, shelf, etc.; the structure is simple and compact, and the weight is light. It is away from the construction area and can be quickly transferred to other construction sites.
a lot of uses
It can meet the pouring requirements of some special construction work surfaces, and there is no blind area of cloth; the operation range is large, the operation is flexible and convenient, safe, reliable, and cost-effective; it is widely used in architectural and engineering construction, such as industrial and civil buildings, bridges, roads, infrastructure and other concrete structures.

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