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Pay attention to the use of related parts of pump trucks

Pay attention to the use of related parts of pump trucks

Mar 16,2023
Anyone who has used a pump truck knows that the pump truck is particularly expensive for lithium-based grease, commonly known as butter, because of the special structure of the hopper. In order to ensure that the shaft is not intruded and worn by concrete, the butter is continuously overflowed from the sealed cavity, and the concrete Push it outwards to protect the inner shaft and bearings by consuming grease.

Due to this special structure, a steady stream of high-pressure butter is required to be pumped into the sealed cavity. Once the butter cannot be injected in time, the concrete will be squeezed into the sealed cavity, resulting in failure of the hopper seal, bearing jamming, and serious shaft wear. From this logic, the damage to the seal of the hopper is completely caused by the failure of the butter to be injected in time, that is, the grease pump is not working well, or the pipeline is not smooth, and it has nothing to do with the seal itself.

If a concrete pump truck is very comfortable to use and has a great relationship with sealing, it will play a very important role. It is precisely because of its high efficiency that it can bring a very stable effect to the pump truck. If there is a problem with it, there will be a lot of trouble to deal with. It can be seen that the hopper seal has a great effect on a concrete pump truck, and we need to pay attention to it at all times.

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