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As the 32-meter short boom pump truck becomes the focus of attention in rural areas, how to choose a pump truck

As the 32-meter short boom pump truck becomes the focus of attention in rural areas, how to choose a pump truck

Aug 29,2023
The 32-meter 5RZ short boom pump truck has become the focus of attention in the recent urban and rural markets. With the continuous advancement of new rural construction, the market demand for short booms is also increasing. Why is the 32-meter pump truck of Saintyol DAWIN so popular?
How to choose a small pump truck correctly? According to the form and specific conditions, the choice of pump truck should be considered comprehensively. The type of building and the performance of the structural pump truck vary by type. In addition to the amount of concrete mixed, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment should also be considered when selecting the model. Usually, the main performance parameters of a small pump should meet the construction requirements or be slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low, and if it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the requirements, but will also accelerate the wear of the pump truck.

The construction adaptability is greater than the flexibility of the pump truck. The greater the boom height, pouring height and material distribution radius, the stronger the construction adaptability. You should try to choose a high-arm pump truck during construction. The number of pump trucks used in the construction volume can be calculated according to the concrete pouring volume, the actual throughput of a single machine and the construction time. For a large number of one-time concrete pouring pump truck construction projects, in addition to calculations, it is recommended to have a certain reserve capacity. Product configuration The product performance of the pump truck should adhere to a high starting point when selecting. If you choose a small pump with high value, the standard requirements of its products need to be improved. From internal quality to appearance quality, the quality of the main components of the product should be adapted to the high value of the vehicle.
The small pump of the power system adopts full hydraulic technology, so we should consider whether all hydraulic technology is advanced and the hydraulic forward quality. Since its power comes from the engine, in addition to the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, carrying capacity and quality of the car chassis must also be considered. The operation control system of the operating system pump truck is equipped with manual, wired and wireless air time methods, which are convenient and flexible to be controlled by the county. The wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be adopted. After-sales service: As a special vehicle, due to its special functions, the safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service and spare parts supply of the pump truck should be required by the manufacturer. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it will not only affect the construction progress, but also have consequences imagined by the department. To choose a pump truck, you must not only choose the brand and performance, but also the company's production and R&D strength, production history, after-sales service level and product cost performance.

This 32-meter pump truck is very suitable for rural and urban construction. The pump is installed on the chassis of the car and is fully hydraulically driven. It has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to move. It is very suitable for rural and urban-rural integrated concrete construction.

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