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Saintyol DAWIN 32-meter two-bridge concrete pump truck is newly launched!

Saintyol DAWIN 32-meter two-bridge concrete pump truck is newly launched!

Aug 29,2023
Saintyol DAWIN newly launched a 32-meter pump truck with five-section boom and two bridges. Here are some highlights of this truck:

1. The vehicle is short, small in size, 9.1m in length, 3.5m in height, and 4.6m in wheelbase, with good passability and superior driving flexibility.

2. It can be used for construction in the factory building. The minimum opening height of the boom is 5.8m. It is easy to operate and can be used for construction in the factory building with ease.

3. The front legs are X-shaped and the rear legs are H-shaped. The space required for deployment is small, and it is suitable for narrow roads in rural areas. Can be 360° cloth, strong stability.

4. When the site is limited, it can be supported on one side. The legs are spread on the same side, the body is stable, and the space is flexible and changeable.

5. Small resistance of large diameter pipeline

6. External Stephenson link boom technology, high rigidity of the boom and stable movement.
The front and rear telescopic outrigger structure has a small footprint, and the pump truck can be easily used in the factory or in a small space, and the use is more flexible. Strong pumping capacity, no picking of materials, pumping pressure reversing technology, can easily swing when waiting for materials for a long time, stable and reliable performance and more energy-saving. And it can also be matched with drag-and-drop mixing tank according to demand. One machine with multiple functions, economical and efficient, and high-quality service, let you worry-free throughout the process.

Such a 32-meter concrete pump truck is a brand-new debut, with a small body and a big performance, a tool for creating wealth in cities and towns. Everywhere is carefully crafted!

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